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American Kenpo Karate students are everyday people like you! Train yourself to be safe and protect yourself while getting fit and having fun! Our goal is to give our students the Karate tools to defend themselves and their families, while building a fit and healthy community! Whether it’s to become a Kenpo Karate Black Belt, to protect yourself, or simply to get in shape, what you will learn is yours for life! With over a dozen instructors, our Little Dragons preschool karate classes and Kids Karate classes focus on discipline, respect, and confidence, while teaching self-defense strategies they will have for life. Each class has between 2-3 instructors who are personally trained and certified martial arts instructors by Master Rick Jeffcoat through the Internship program.


Top 10 Benefits of Karate!

1. Discipline and Focus

2. “Don’t Quit” and “Stick with it” Attitude

3. Rock Solid Self-Confidence and Self-Image

4. Fit, Strong & Healthy Body

5. Goal-Setting and Follow Through

6. Belonging and Camaraderie

7. Healthy Competition

8. Mental Toughness

9. Empowerment

10. Fun and Stress Relief


Don’t let another day go by without karate in your life!  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain! Get fit and get fierce!Try out our kenpo karate classes for a supreme and empowering experience!






Watch our Kenpo Karate Classes!



Little Dragons Karate

(Ages 4-5 yrs.)

Kids Karate Class

(Ages 6-13 yrs.)

Adult Karate Class

(Ages 14-Adult)

Private Lessons

(1:1 instruction)


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  • Karate and Autism Spectrum Disorders

    In 2015,  The Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders published a study demonstrating how karate “training leads to increased neural plasticity and thus increased capacity for learning and skill acquisition, which in turn leads to improvements in a variety of skills including communication skills.” The article, The Effect of Karate Techniques Training on Communication Deficit...

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    How is American Kenpo Karate different from other martial arts? Originally developed by Ed Parker, American Kenpo Karate employs eclectic self-defense strategies and stresses offensive striking techniques involving punches, kicks, chops, and knee & elbow strikes, as well as locks and chokes, both on and off the ground. In comparison, more traditional arts such as...

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  • 7 Reasons Why Parents Should Join Karate!


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American Kenpo Karate Students Speak! 

Over the last 20 years, American Kenpo Karate has produced 40 Black Belts, with many more in affliated schools!  Many of the kids that have studied karate at our school have gone on to continue their training in college, places like Stanford University, UC Davis, Amherst, and many more.  From our excellent training program, several of our adult students have opened up their own karate schools, continuing their study after Black Belt and beyond.  Take a look at what our kenpo karate students have to say!


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