American Kenpo Karate Mission

Frequently Asked Questions

How is American Kenpo Karate different from other martial arts?

Originally developed by Ed Parker, American Kenpo Karate employs eclectic self-defense strategies and stresses offensive striking techniques involving punches, kicks, chops, and knee & elbow strikes, as well as locks and chokes, both on and off the ground. In comparison, more traditional arts such as Taekwondo emphasizes kicks, and Jiu Jitsu short range fighting using throws, locks, and strikes. American Kenpo Karate is a practical art, often referred to as “scientific street fighting.”

How old should a child be before starting karate?

Children develop at different rates. Our Little Dragons karate classes are geared for children between the ages of 4-6. These classes are developmentally appropriate, as they emphasize gross motor development, coordination, technique recognition, and most of all, FUN!

Do you teach individuals with special needs?

We have many years of experience working with diverse learners. Our adaptive karate lesson program begins with a diagnostic evaluation to figure out the best course for each individual. After a thorough assessment of each individual person’s needs, an individual martial arts scope and sequence is developed.

Am I too old to start karate?

We have students who are practicing karate well into their 60’s. If your doctor says it’s OK, your never too old to learn.

Can I practice Karate if I have permanent injuries?

Yes, we have an adaptive program that can tailor the art to your physical capacities. After a diagnostic evaluation, we will determine the best course for you.

How long will it take to get my first belt?

It takes about 3 months to learn the belt curriculum up until Brown Belt.

Do I have to wear a uniform?

If you are just trying out a free class, wear loose comfortable clothing that is easy to move in. The Karate Girls class does not require a uniform. For all other classes, a white uniform is required.