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Black Dot Focus and Kenpo Awareness

In American Kenpo Karate how we train our eyes is very important.  In the Encyclopedia of Kenpo (1992), Ed Parker,  explains that focusing on the “white dot on a black background represent[s] unawareness.  All styles and systems that primarily stress linear motion conform to this concept.  Their concern is with the target and with maximizing power–not protection” (p. 139).  However, he argues that Kenpo Karate is different because it utilizes black dot focus.  Mr. Parker asserts, “We visualize a black dot on a white background, representing total awareness.  Our concern is not only with maximizing power, but protection as well” (p. 19). Focusing on the Black dot will expand your field of vision so that you can use your peripheral vision to your advantage!

How are you training your eyes to focus?