American Kenpo Karate Mission

Long Form 5 with Attackers Drill–Part I

What Is A Kata ? In Short, A KATA Is A Choreographed And Structured Practice Routine Or Protocol Designed To Teach Fundamentals, Principals And Concepts.
In American Kenpo Karate, There Are 11 Katas, Which Have Themes Within Each, Such As Defensive, Offensive, Stances, And Stepping Patterns. These Kata Themes CORRESPOND To Particular Belt Levels, And Progress In Difficulty And Complexity. Today’s Video Features A Drill Of Techniques 1-4 In Long Form 5. Long Form 5 Is The Eighth Kata In Our System And Incorporates The Following Techniques:

Destructive Fans
Dance Of Death
Leap Of Death
The Back Breaker
Hopping Crane
Brushing The Storm
Fallen Falcon
Circling The Horizon
Leaping Crane

Form 5 Is The Study Of The Five Take-Downs Performed On Opposite Sides And In Reverse Directions. There Are 4 Leverage Take-Downs And 1 Strike-Down. In The Book, THE KENPO KARATE COMPENDIUM: THE FORMS AND SETS OF AMERICAN KENPO, Lee Wedlake Asserts That “Form Five Is Alswo Referred To As ‘Fulcrum Form’ [And ] Takedown Form” (P.219).

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