American Kenpo Karate Mission

Swinging Pendulum with Ending

SWINGING PENDULUM (front right roundhouse kick)

  1. Standing in a right neutral bow, as your opponent attacks with a right roundhouse kick, move your left foot up the circle to 4 o’clock and strike with a right inward, left downward (universal block) to opponent’s kick. You should be in a right neutral bow.
  2. Shuffle forward to 11 o’clock and execute a right hammerfist to opponent’s groin. Reverse the motion of your left hand as it raises and becomes a positional check.
  3. Move your left foot up the circle to 3 o’clock, into a solid horse stance. and execute a right obscure elbow to opponent’s jaw. Your elbow will contour opponent’s body as it strikes.
  4. After your right upward obscure vertical elbow strike to the opponent’s jaw, step back to a right reverse bow stance to 12 o’clock, to buckle opponent’s left leg, simultaneously deliver a right upward snapping forearm strike to the opponent’s jaw with the left hand checking.
  5. Immediately execute a right rear heel scoop to the opponent’s groin, and an in-place stance change, (right foot up, left foot back), landing in a  left reverse bow to buckle the opponent’s right leg.
  6. Pivot into a left neutral bow stance as you deliver a left outward handsword strike to the opponent’s sternum and without hesitation pivot into a left forward bow stance as you deliver a right palm thrust (as in Glancing Salute) to opponent’s left side of the jaw.
  7. As your right palm heel snakes around opponent’s right side of his neck pull him  down into a right roundhouse  knee kick to his sternum.
  8. While still maintaining your right grab plant back into a left neutral bow, execute  a left upward  snapping forearm strike to opponent’s jaw and right outward claw to the opponent’s face, immediately followed by a right inward heel palm claw to the face and a right inward two-finger hook to the opponent’s eyes
  9. Left front crossover to 4:30 with a left outward  handsword  strike to opponent’s  neck.
  10. Double coverout to 4:30.


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American Kenpo Karate students are everyday people like you! Train yourself to be safe and protect yourself while getting fit and having fun! Our goal is to give our students the Self Defense tools to defend themselves and their families, while building a fit and healthy community! Whether it’s to become a Kenpo Karate Black Belt, to protect yourself, or simply to get in shape, what you will learn is yours for life! With over a dozen instructors, our Little Dragons preschool karate classes and Kids Karate classes focus on discipline, respect, and confidence, while teaching self-defense strategies they will have for life. Each class has between 2-3 instructors who are personally trained and certified martial arts instructors by Master Rick Jeffcoat through the Internship program.

Top 10 Benefits of Martial Arts!

1. Discipline and Focus

2. “Don’t Quit” and “Stick with it” Attitude

3. Rock Solid Self-Confidence and Self-Image

4. Fit, Strong & Healthy Body

5. Goal-Setting and Follow Through

6. Belonging and Camaraderie

7. Healthy Competition

8. Mental Toughness

9. Empowerment

10. Fun and Stress Relief

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Master Rick Jeffcoat

Mr. Jeffcoat opened his first school in Pasadena, California, just a few miles from Ed Parker’s original Pasadena school, opened in 1956. His own school has produced many accomplished Kenpo black belts. To this day, he continues to build on Ed Parker’s legacy by safeguarding the traditional Kenpo principles of practicality, eclecticism, and evolution.  He continues to share the art of Kenpo with students far and near through his seminars and through the internet. Now with newer technologies, such as websites and YouTube, which facilitate the exchange of information, the art of American Kenpo Karate can continue to grow at an unprecedented rate, while still staying true to the art.

He has been featured as a notable kenpoist in the published book, Kenpo Continuum and in 2013, Mr. Jeffcoat was inducted into the National Kenpo Hall of Fame, an elite group of 300 of the most accomplished kenpoists nationally. Locally, he continues to win awards as a Best Martial Arts studio in Pasadena Weekly’s annual competition.  His Pasadena studio has over a dozen teachers who are black belts of various advanced ranks and who, collectively, have over 50 years experience teaching the martial arts.


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Over the last 20 years, our martial arts studio has produced 40 Black Belts, as well as high-ranking Black Belts as high as 7th Degree Black Belt. Our training produces students that are very focused and disciplined. Many of the kids that have studied martial arts at our school have gone on to continue their training in college and attend prestigious universities like Stanford University, UC Davis, Amherst, and many more.  From our excellent training program, several of our adult students have opened up their own karate schools, continuing their study after Black Belt and beyond.  Take a look at what our kenpo karate students have to say!

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