Kenpo Camp

Additional Information

-We will arrive and check in to Pilgrim Pines Camp early evening on Friday April 27th.  Dinner will be provided that evening and I am considering having two instructors launch the weekend with a couple hours of sharing after dinner.
-Here is a link to the UCCR website, which gives you a few pics of the facility.
-Although UCCR is a religious organization, our event has no affiliation to the UCCR church group.  We will be focused on Kenpo training and enjoying spending time by the fire, and socializing with our comrades after a long day.  The camp manager has given permission for us to “RESPONSIBLY” enjoy wine or beer around our campfire and within our “Jr. Camp” cabins and conference hall.  We will need to be sensitive regarding noise level after 10pm because there will be other groups on the property at the other camps.  😉
-The property is divided into three private group areas…”Upper, Lower, and Jr. Camp”.  Our group is renting “Jr. Camp”.  Each section has it’s own set of cabins, bathrooms, shower facilities, conference/meeting hall, and campfire rings.  The meal hall is huge and is a “common area” for all groups using the property.  Our group will have it’s own menu and the food is awesome!  If anyone will be arriving later in the evening on Friday, I was told the chef can set aside dinner for those in need.
-Each cabin sleeps about twelve and has it’s own private bathroom.  There is also a Male and Female shower facility.  The instructors will be staying in a cabin with their own set of showers and bathroom.  The cabins are carpeted, have heat and comfortable bedding.  Everyone will need to bring sleeping bags and pillows.
-All meals are prepared on site by professional chefs and kitchen staff.  The food actually looks awesome and we will have a choice for menu items.  I will be going over the menu with the camp chef before our arrival.  We don’t have to worry about clean-up or dishes! yay.
-Saturday morning after breakfast, we will gather and have a formal half hour stretch/meditation.  After, we will start the LONG day of training.  Around 1pm, we will be breaking for lunch and will gather back out on the grassy meadow for more training through early evening.  Dinner will be around 7, and we will then be able to relax together and enjoy the evening by the fire.
-Sunday morning, we will continue our workshops after breakfast and end the day around 1:30pm, when we will break for lunch.  After lunch, we can pack up and make our way home.
-6 meals will be included…dinner Friday, breakfast/lunch/dinner Saturday, and breakfast/lunch Sunday.
-Pilgrim Pines is about 1 hour and 35 minutes from my dojo.
-There is an archery range we can use and beautiful hiking trails as well.  There is also volleyball courts, ping pong, and an obstacle course (not sure if we have access to the course, but it’s pretty cool!).