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Crossing Talon

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Crossing Talon–Purple Belt Belt Technique

CROSSING TALON (front right cross wrist grab)

  1. With opponent’s right hand grabbing your right wrist, counter grab his wrist as your left foot steps forward and right, to 1o’clock, into a left neutral bow simultaneously striking opponent’s right elbow with your left forearm in a forward thrusting motion as your right hand pulls in and towards your right hip.
  2. Force opponent’s right upper arm against your left upper thigh, pinning opponent in this position. If possible strike opponent’s head against your left knee while executing this move.
  3. Deliver a left side elbow strike to opponent’s right temple followed by a left heel palm and five finger rip to opponent’s face.
  4. As you rip out of the previous move, anchor your left elbow into opponent’s right shoulder to check his height zone. Circle your left arm clockwise and execute a left overhead elbow strike to the center of opponent’s back, on the spinal column.
  5. Follow up with a left heel palm strike to opponent’s mastoid as you pull his right arm with your right arm, pulling him into a right thrusting knee kick, creating a sandwich effect.
  6. Left front crossover in reverse as you cover into a left neutral bow.

These complete Self-Defense Technique Videos explain and demonstrate individual techniques at each belt level.  The techniques are explained using the concepts and principles of American Kenpo Karate and are also shown at speed to demonstrate the strength and the timing with which each technique should be practiced. These videos have something to offer everyone from beginners to expert kenpoists!

We are currently filming each belt level, so there’s more to come!

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