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Circle of Doom – American Kenpo Karate

Rick Jeffcoat’s American Kenpo Karate

Circle of Doom-Green Belt with Ending

CIRCLE OF DOOM (Front straight right kick)

  1.  Immediately after your left hooking kick to your opponent’s head, and without planting, step out with your left kicking leg toward 6 o’clock into a right reverse bow and arrow stance and immediately pivot around clockwise in place into a right front rotating twist stance as you come up diagonally with a left lifting two-knuckle punch to your opponent’s ribs.
  2.  Now unpivot from the twist stance into ·a right neutral bow stance as you immediately go into a right hooking punch to his face (punch comes in and stops near your chest to cock for the next move).
  3.  With your left hand checking, left front crossover into a left front twist stance as you continue the action of your right hand into a right outward back knuckle strike to any available target.
  4.  Un pivot in place as you execute a left heel palm thrust to his chin, left front crossover and double cover out to 7 o’clock.

These complete Self-Defense Technique Videos explain and demonstrate individual techniques at each belt level.  The techniques are explained using the concepts and principles of American Kenpo Karate and are also shown at speed to demonstrate the strength and the timing with which each technique should be practiced. These videos have something to offer everyone from beginners to expert kenpoists!

We are currently filming each belt level, so there’s more to come!

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