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Family Groupings: Dance of Death, Thundering Hammers, Sleeper

Family groupings are techniques within a method of attack that have the same type of first move and the same type of second move.

The video clip below features family grouping, Dance of Death, Thundering Hammers, and Sleeper in the category of right straight punches, which use a left inward block and a right ridge-arm.

This drill teaches us how to develop quick recognition of the opponent’s range, height, width, depth, and position, giving you time to apply the selected weapon to the available target and line of entry.

“Learning variations of a particular type of an attack teaches you to build spontaneity.  This, in turn, helps to internalize concepts.  Internalized concepts cause newly acquired moves to also become instinctive. Consequently, as your spontaneous reactions increase with each new move, you become capable of randomly creating logical technique combinations of your own.  Therefore, it is this creative ability that allows you the capability of formulating instinctively” (p. 107 Infinite Insights, Book 5–Ed Parker).

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