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Front Two-Hand Push Method of Attack Drill

Category of Attack: Pushes

Method of Attack: Front Two-Hand Push
Alternating Maces
Snaking Talon

Within the category of attack Pushes, there are 7 two hand pushes, 5 of which are high, applied to the chest or shoulders.  This video features two of them: Alternating Maces and Snaking Talon.  The  drill will enhance your ability to decrease your reaction time to the “what if” situations–in this case, blocking only the left arm when you apply Alternating Maces. More response time alloys you to apply the correct counter: Inserting a right outward block, a right front kick, and altering the weapon & adjusting the target.

Nature of Attack — Refers to learning to: 1) identify, define and classify the types of encounters you may find yourself in; 2) thoroughly scrutinize the various methods in which weapons (natural or otherwise) can be employed; and (3) instinctively determine your choice of action in successfully combating the numerous types of encounters with which you may be confronted” (p. xii Infinite Insights, Book 5–Ed Parker.
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