Taming the Mace with Extension

TAMING  THE MACE  (Front step-through  right punch)

  1. Standing naturally, step with your left foot to 11o’clock into a left neutral bow, as your left hand inward parries your opponent’s right punch outside and above the elbow.
  2. Simultaneously deliver a right inward  chop to the inside of the opponent’s right bicep.
  3. Immediately, while your left hand checks and grabs the opponent’s right hand at the wrist, deliver a right back knuckle to the opponent’s right temple.
  4. Have your right hand grab the opponent’s right shoulder as your left foot crosses behind to 5 o’clock into a right front twist stance facing 11 o’clock.
  5. With both of your hands grasping and pulling the opponent with arms in close to you and elbows anchored, pivot counter clockwise into a left neutral bow facing 6 o’clock and slam the opponent against the wall.
  6. While the opponent is against the wall, deliver a right knee kick to the groin with right inward horizontal elbow strike to the throat, causing a sandwiching effect with the wall.
  7. After having slammed your opponent up against the wall,. and with your right knee strike to his groin, plant your right foot back to 1 o’clock as you execute a left palm  thrust to opponent’s sternum, and slide your left hand up to his throat to pin him  against the wall.
  8.  Execute an in place stance shift by bringing your left foot toward you and as you step in with your right foot, execute a right heel palm strike to your opponent’s chin, have your right hand slip up and past his face, then rip down his face with a right five finger claw, which continues down and loops around into a right inward elbow strike to your opponent’s left ribs (your left hand acts as a check as you are doing all of this) as you switch from a right forward bow stance to a right neutral bow stance.
  9. Now execute a right back knuckle to his right side of face simultaneously with a left vertical punch to his solar plexus as you torque into a right forward bow stance.
  10. Now switch your right forward bow stance to a right neutral bow as you execute a right downward hammerfist to his groin as you simultaneously execute a left inward heel of palm claw to his right side of face.
  11. Now bring your left hand over to the left side of your opponent’s face as you shift your left foot over to 10 o’clock as you execute a right outward back knuckle strike to your opponent’s temple.
  12. Grab the back of the opponent’s head with your right and left hands as you drag your left foot to your right and execute a right upward knee strike to his face.
  13. Right front crossover and double coverout to 12 o’clock.