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Circling Destruction with Extension

CIRCLING DESTRUCTION (front step through left punch)

  1. From a right neutral bow, step off with your right foot to 1 o’clock as you deliver a right inward parry to the outside of the opponent’s left punch at the wrist and left outward hooking-parry (palm up) above the elbow. From the right inward parry, continue the motion and execute a right back knuckle strike to left ribcage of the opponent.
  2. Off angle with your left foot to 4 o’clock (into a right modified neutral bow/forward bow) as you execute a left inward heel palm claw to the opponent’s face, immediately followed by a right inward chop to the right neck of the opponent, as you settle into a right neutral bow facing 10:00.
  3. Then deliver a right front scoop kick to opponent’s groin simultaneous with a left thrusting heel palm strike to the opponent’s back.
  4. Plant your right foot back towards 4:00 in to a left neutral bow facing 10:00.
  5.  After having executed your right front scoop to your opponent’s groin, simultaneously with a left outward heel of palm thrust to opponent’s back, plant your right foot back to 4 o’clock, and immediately execute a right step through knife·edge kick to the back of opponent’s left knee to buckle him and follow up with a right inward elbow strike to the right side of opponent’s neck, as you plant down  and toward him.
  6.  Continue toward him as you go into a left front crossover as you shove him down with both of your heel of palm thrusts, (your right hand is on top fingers pointing in and palm out and your left hand is on the bottom fingers pointing in and palm out) so that opponent falls onto his stomach with his head now facing 10:30.
  7. Now execute a right heel stomp to your opponent’s lower spine, and while standing on his back (your right stomping foot) execute a left front crossover stomp to the back of his neck.
  8. Slip your left foot off to the left side of his head, as you drop your right foot back and off to the right side of his right hip as you drop down into a left front close kneel stance with your right knee dropping onto spine as you execute a right heel of palm smash to the back of his head, forcing his head to the ground.
  9. You now springboard and leap up into the air as you turn clockwise as you execute a left inward looping downward roundhouse kick (kick is like right kick in the “Leap of Death”) to his head.
  10.  From your left kick, left front crossover and double cover out to 4:30 o’clock.