Back Breaker with Extension

THE BACK BREAKER  (flank step through right punch)

  1. Standing naturally, step with your right foot to 2 o’clock into a right neutral bow facing 1 o’clock, as you execute a double parry (left inward & right outward) to the outside of the opponent’s right arm.
  2. Step with your left foot to 2 o’clock into a left neutral bow facing 3 o’clock as your right hand grabs your opponent’s right shoulder and your left hand grab the back of their left shoulder.
  3. Step through in reverse with your right foot to 12 o’clock into a left neutral bow facing 6 o’clock as both of your arms pull your opponent’s shoulders back and down, disturbing their balance.
  4. Immediately deliver a right knee kick to the opponent’s lower spine.
  5. Plant your right foot back to 12 o’clock into a left neutral bow and with both hands pull and force your opponent onto your left knee, striking their upper spine.
  6. Twist the opponent’s head clockwise with a right outward claw breaking their neck and follow up with a right inward chop to their nose.
  7. With the opponent still in place, execute two right and left downward back knuckle strikes respectively to the right and left collarbones of the opponent.
  8. Execute double heel palm claws (left outward downward and right inward downward) to the opponent’s face as you step through in reverse with your left foot to 12 o’clock and pivot counter clockwise into a right reverse close kneel, forcing your opponent’s head to the ground.
  9. Deliver a right heel shovel kick to the opponent’s right jaw, followed up with a right back heel stomp to their right collarbone.
  10.  After your right reverse heel stomp to the opponent’s right collar bone, drag and plant your right foot near and slightly to the right (for proper alignment) of your  left foot, and execute a left reverse inward looping heel book to the opponent’s  face and plant the same left foot back into a reverse heel stomp to the opponent’s left collar bone (during all of the above you are still facing toward 2:30).
  11. Pivot counter clockwise into a left neutral bow stance and  immediately execute a right low front shoveling kick to the opponent’s left jaw, which follows through to allow you to drop down into a right front rotating twist stance, with your left knee dropping onto the ribs of your opponent (you are facing 10 o’clock at this point).
  12. Using the opponent’s body as a springboard from the above action, bounce up into the air and pivot around counter clockwise with your left foot landing where your right foot was (in place change back to front) and as you come down using marriage of gravity, execute a right looping downward roundhouse kick to the groin of your opponent (facing 2 o’clock).
  13. Leap up again and in place change turning clockwise in the air and as you land on your right foot, execute a left looping downward roundhouse kick to the right kneecap or right inner thigh of your opponent (facing 12 o’clock).


Back Breker Blog - American Kenpo Karate

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