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Thundering Hammers

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Thundering Hammers–Purple Belt Belt Technique

Thundering Hammers is one of many techniques used to defend against a front step through right punch. The target most available in Thundering Hammers is the right rib cage or stomach. The technique progressively buckles and hammers the opponent down by attacking both the legs and the body.

THUNDERING HAMMERS (front step through right punch)

  1. Standing naturally with feet together, step to your left on a 45 degree angle (to 11 o’clock) with your left foot into a left neutral bow as you strike with a left inward block to outside of opponent’s right. Leave your right arm parallel to your right thigh as it hangs naturally to the side.
  2. Shuffle forward (push drag) toward 12 o’clock as you drop into a left wide knee stance (to outside of opponent’s right knee so as to have opponent buckle and drop) and strike horizontally across your opponent’s right rib cage or stomach with your right inward horizontal forearm strike while cocking your left arm (your left hand at this point is cocked by your left ear with your palm facing away from you).
  3. Circle your right fist over and on top of opponent’s right shoulder as you strike down to opponent’s left kidney with a left downward hammer fist as your right arm checks opponent’s right arm. You should be in a right wide kneel stance facing 4 o’clock simultaneously striking opponent’s right knee with your left knee.
  4. Have your left hand shift from the kidney into a horizontal forearm check outside of opponent’s right arm as your right arm cocks to your right ear. You should still be in a right wide kneel stance facing 4 o’clock.
  5. Pivot to your left (toward 1 o’clock) into a left close kneel stance, breaking opponent’s right ankle with your right knee, as you deliver a right downward hammer fist to back of opponent’s neck. your left hand at this point is still checking action of opponent’s right arm {left push down check).
  6. Shift your left foot back and slightly to your left (between 7 and 8 o’clock) into a right neutral bow and execute a right front crossover and cover out.



These complete Self-Defense Technique Videos explain and demonstrate individual techniques at each belt level.  The techniques are explained using the concepts and principles of American Kenpo Karate and are also shown at speed to demonstrate the strength and the timing with which each technique should be practiced. These videos have something to offer everyone from beginners to expert kenpoists!

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