American Kenpo Karate

Welcome to American Kenpo Karate, your local experts for Kenpo Karate in Pasadena, CA. Whether you’re aged 4 or 64, the effective knowledge and practice of martial arts for self-defense is a lifelong skill which anyone can benefit from. Apart from being great physical exercise and socially engaging, martial arts are great for building confidence and awareness, and they can also be very useful if needed in threatening situations. Our experienced practitioners and teachers are here to teach Kenpo Karate to beginners and advanced students of all ages and abilities, and we have a wealth of skills and experience to share.
We have introductory Martial Arts Programs, run by 2 to 3 instructors who are trained and certified through our internship program, and we can also take on developing and advanced students for those who are further along. Self-defense is as much about the mind and understanding as it is about physical skills, and you will find our instructors are well-balanced and caring trainers who know the best practices of this powerful life skill. Kenpo karate in Pasadena is a great choice for anyone looking to learn self-defense and grow in character as well as physical skills and abilities.
For those wishing to advance a career in Kenpo Karate we have our instructor internship program, and of course there are competitions to all levels available which can be entered according to skill level and experience gained. We can advise you on the best routes forward and help to develop the ambitious students who come to us. Whether you are just beginning, looking for some activities for your family, or are already advancing in Kenpo Karate, we are here to help people gain the knowledge, skills and experience to grow in effective ways through Self-defense, which can also bring other side benefits in life.
We are ready to help you get started with Kenpo Karate in Pasadena, CA, or to move to the next level you need, so don’t hesitate in contacting us with any questions you may have. You will experience a friendly, energizing and uplifting spirit from our team, who love to meet new people and find out what your goals are.