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Short Form 3 with Attackers Teaching Demonstration

How to Teach Short Form 3 with Attackers!

Teaching Short Form 3 with attackers teaches martial arts students how to apply power and dynamics to their kata, which is mainly composed of self defense techniques.  Attackers allow the kenpo karate student to test out whether their self defense strategies are effective and impactful.

The Kata below demonstrates Short 3 so that karate students can learn the foot maneuvers in relation to the techniques, as well as the dynamics and flow of each technique.

What is a Kata ? In short, a kata is a choreographed and structured practice routine or protocol designed to teach fundamentals, principals and concepts.

In American Kenpo Karate, there are 11 Katas, which have themes within each, such as defensive, offensive, stances, and stepping patterns.  These Kata themes correspond to particular belt levels, and progress in difficulty and complexity. Today’s video features Short Form 3. Short Form 3 is the fifth kata in our system and the first kata composed of self-defense techniques–thirteen to be exact. The techniques are selected from 3 categories of attack: Grabs, Hugs & Holds, and Locks & Chokes.

Destructive Twins

Crashing Wings

Twirling Wings

Circling Wing

Crossing Talon

Scraping Hoof

Fatal Cross

Grip of Death

Locked Wing

Crossed Twigs

Wings of Silk

Conquering Shield

Striking Serpent’s Head

Beside the 13 self-defense techniques, there are 13 twin hand/arm moves, such as the double strikes in Destructive Twins, Crashing Wings, and Fatal Cross.  Like Short Form 1, the Kata is performed on the right side and then the left side separately.  Short 3 uses reverse bow to forward bow stances, and it introduces the 7 stepping pattern when executing Crashing Wings, and a larger 7 pattern with Twirling Wings thru Crossing Talon, creating a figure 3 floor pattern.  The video you see above demonstrates how to practice Short Form 3 using multiple attackers. In the book, The Kenpo Karate Compendium: The Forms and Sets of American Kenpo, Lee Wedlake argues that “This form should absolutely be practiced with opponents….It may be used to introduce multiple attacker defenses….Doing it with partner will enhance understanding of the form and its purpose…It is a student’s obligation to know and understand the attacks as well as the defense” (p. 134-5).

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Top 5 Benefits of Martial Arts Classes

  • Strength and Flexibility Training
  • Eye-Hand-Body Coordination
  • Self Defense
  • Mind-Body Connection
  • Camaraderie and Fun!