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Parting Wings – Purple Belt

Rick Jeffcoat’s American Kenpo Karate

Parting Wings is a requirement to obtain a purple belt in Ed Parker’s American Kenpo Karate Self Defense System.  In Martial Arts the term wings in American Kenpo signify the elbows and forearms.  In this technique you use your wings (double extended outward chopping blocks) for the purpose of parting your opponent’s arms away from your body.  Thus the name, Parting Wings. This technique is found under the category of pushes and can be found in Long Form 3 as well.

Self Defense Technique Tip


Block the inside of the arms below the elbow

Depth Control and Check

Forward Momentum and Marriage of Gravity


Parting Wings–Purple Belt Belt Technique

PARTING  WINGS (front two hand push)

  1. Standing with feet together, drop back to 6 o’clock with your right foot into a left neutral bow as you execute left and right extended outward chops to the inside of opponent’s arms. Make sure both arms are parallel in height and depth.
  2. Shift into a left forward bow as your right hand chops to the opponent’s right ribcage. Simultaneously cock your left hand to the right side of your face, palm up.
  3. Shift in place into a left neutral bow as you execute a left outward hand sword to opponent’s throat. Simultaneously cock your right hand near your face to act as a check and also positioned for the next move.
  4. Again shift your weight forward in place as your left hand checks down into opponent’s forearms towards the torso and execute a right middle knuckle vertical punch to opponent’s solar plexus. You will be punching over your left arm As you pivot into a left forward bow.
  5. Cover out