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DARTING MACE (front two hand wrist grab)

  1. With feet together and opponent’s hands grabbing your right wrist, step forward toward 12 o’clock in front of opponent’s right leg into a left neutral bow. Counter grab opponent’s right wrist as you execute a left thrusting inward block that strikes opponent’s right elbow as you execute a right pulling check to opponent’s right arm. Convert this move into a left vertical thrust punch to opponent’s face.
  2. Drop your left arm down to check opponent’s arms as you pivot into a left forward bow and simultaneously pull your right arm from opponent’s grasp as you execute a right vertical thrust punch to opponent’s solar plexus.
  3. Move your right foot to your left foot into a close cat stance as you execute a left outward hand sword to opponent’s throat.
  4. With no loss of motion, step out with your right foot to 11 o’clock, to buckle opponent’s right knee as you execute a right thrusting heel palm strike to opponent’s jaw.  Your left hand should be guarding.
  5. Cover out in the usual fashion.

Video Self Defence1 - American Kenpo karate

Video Self Defence1 - American Kenpo karate

These complete Self-Defense Technique Videos explain and demonstrate individual techniques at each American Kenpo Karate belt level.  Moreover, The techniques are explained using the concepts and principles of Martial Arts and are also shown at speed to demonstrate the strength and the timing with which each technique should be practiced. Overall, these videos have something to offer everyone from beginners to expert kenpoists!

Finally, we are currently filming each belt level, so there’s more to come!

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