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Capturing the Storm with Extension – 3rd Degree Black Belt

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Capturing the Storm with Extension
3rd Degree Black Belt

CAPTURING THE STORM (front right overhead club)

  1. Standing natural step with your left foot to 11 o’clock into a fighting horse stance.
  2. Simultaneously deliver a cross block (your right hand over your left) to the wrist of the attacking  hand.   At this point your cross block should be angled off to 1o’clock so that your head and body are outside of the line of attack.
  3. Immediately grab your opponent’s right wrist with both of your hands, with your left hand facing you and your right hand turned away from you.
  4. Step forward toward 11 o’clock with your right foot as you circle the opponent’s right arm down and clockwise while striking the club against the opponent’s right knee; continue the circling motion around and up and over your bead.
  5. Retain your grab with your left hand as your right hand grabs the outer end of the opponent’s club.
  6. Immediately circle your left foot counter clockwise and step through in reverse to 10 o’clock into a right neutral bow facing 4 o’clock as your right hand forces the club out of your opponent’s grasp. Using the club, circle your right counter clockwise and execute an over hand club strike your opponent’s right elbow.
  7.  After circling your right arm counter clockwise and striking your opponent’s right  elbow with the club, move the club down along the opponent’s arm to strike the back of his bead and continue this arc down and back to the left to again  hit  his  right  kneecap,  following  through  (this entire  motion  is  a clockwise circle).
  8.  Now swing the club back counter clockwise to the back of the knee, going forward, raise the club almost over the head, then execute a left front crossover into a leg sweep to the back of his right leg, and at the very moment he is being swept yQu execute a right inward overhead looping club strike to the opponent’s bridge of nose, and at the very moment that you settle from the sweep, execute a left downward outward heel of palm strike to the opponent’s groin.
  9. Now with your feet in place (left front twist stance) untwist clockwise around into a right neutral bow stance facing 11 o’clock as you execute a right downward diagonal (striking from top to bottom and left to right) elbow to your opponent’s right kidney.
  10.  Immediately execute a right reverse step through into a right stiff leg sweep to 4:30 to buckle the back to the opponent’s right leg, and as this happens have your club kind of follow the direction of  the sweep and loop counter clockwise and as you drop your left foot over (a very small adjustment) toward 7 o’clock, and continue the action of the club into a right inward downward diagonal strike to his head.
  11. As the club follows through from the previous move and is now down by your right hip, go into a right front crossover (twist stance) toward 10 o’clock as the dub circles over from left to right counter clockwise and strikes down to the opponent’s head or shoulder.
  12. Step with the left foot and double coverout to 7:30 o’clock.



These complete Self-Defense Technique Videos explain and demonstrate individual techniques at each belt level.  The techniques are explained using the concepts and principles of American Kenpo Karate and are also shown at speed to demonstrate the strength and the timing with which each technique should be practiced. These videos have something to offer everyone from beginners to expert kenpoists!

We are currently filming each belt level, so there’s more to come!

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