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Hugging Pendulum with Extension

Kenpo Technique–HUGGING  PENDULUM  (Right Front  Side Kick)

  1. While in a fighting stance (right neutral bow), shuffle back slightly as you deliver a right hammering downward diagonal block (hooking your blocking arm so that it travels from 11 o’clock to o’clock) on the outside of opponent’s right kicking leg.
  2. Immediately do a left front crossover as your right hand cocks horizontally across your body (palm in) with your left hand  in guarding position  and deliver a right knife-edge kick to inside opponent’s left knee.
  3. Follow-up with a right horizontal back knuckle strike to opponent’s mastoid or temple (as you plant your right foot forward) arching wide to the right and returning with a right inward horizontal hooking heel palm claw to opponent’s face while maintaining a bend in your right elbow.
  4. After your right inward horizontal hooking heel of palm claw to opponent’s face (keeping your right elbow bent) as you continue the action of your right hand swing your right foot over to 9 o’clock and with no loss of momentum strike your opponent’s face with a left outward horizontal heel of palm claw, and while still keeping your energy going pivot counter clockwise as you execute a right hooking roundhouse punch to opponent’s face.
  5.  Immediately adjust your left foot back slightly and still maintaining this circular flow, execute a right roundhouse ball kick to opponent’s sternum.
  6. Now immediately plant your right foot down to 11 o’clock, and spin around the counter clockwise as you execute a left spinning low side thrust kick (using your heel to opponent’s neck.
  7. Left front crossover and double coverout to 7:30.