Not All Karate Schools are Equal!

5 Qualities of Great Karate Schools!

There are some really excellent Karate schools out in the world, but choosing one is often difficult.  Martial arts are unregulated practices, and therefore, schools vary in quality and that is difficult to tell if you don’t know what you are looking for.  There are factors that you may consider as you choose a place to train.

  • Introductory Programs–Does the school offer a free week or introductory program? Introductory programs give you a chance to try out the school with little risk.  Introductory programs are important because they offer you a chance to see if the school is a match for your expectations.
  • Expert Instruction—Martial arts is specialized knowledge involving deep expertise. Check out the Master of the studio.  Are they well-known?  Are the other instructors high-ranking?  If a studio has a Sensei with high rank, but no Black Belt instructors, it may be an indicator  that students do not persist to Black Belt at this school.
  • Students/Peers—Observe the students in the school and ask if the school has advanced students. The presence of advanced level students is an indicator of the quality of instruction that the school offers.  Parents don’t pay for years of karate if it isn’t good.
  • Finances—Clear and transparent prices. Make sure that the school offers clear and transparent prices for the services that they render.  Beware of studios that do not have a price sheet.  They may be eye-balling you to see how much they can get.
  • School Culture—Every school has a different feel or culture. Some are friendly collaborative places.  Other schools are fiercely competitive.  Independent of the emphasis, make sure that the school enforces the respect, discipline and human dignity that is required for the safe study of martial arts.

Most importantly, karate schools vary in their styles, purposes and goals.  The key is to make sure that your goals match with the goals of the studio.

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