Self-Defense Classes for Altadena California

Self-Defense Classes in Altadena California

American Kenpo Karate is the premier self-defense studio for Altadena residents. Located in the Pasadena Playhouse District just a few miles from Altadena, our studio offers self-defense classes for children and adults during the weekdays and weekends. We also offer self-defense seminars to Girl Scouts, Women’s organizations, Small group training, Workplace training, and Colleges/Universities assault prevention.

What counts as self-defense?

Legally, there are four main elements that define self-defense:

  1. An unprovoked attack
  2. that threatens immediate injury or death
  3. uses a “reasonable degree of force” in response to a
  4. fear of injury or death

What is self-defense training?

Self-defense can incorporate many different set of skills.

Physical Training: The goal is to develop the automatic physical reflexes and responses needed during physical altercations that may involve the following attacks: chokes, grabs, hugs, tackles, punches, and kicks.

Environmental Awareness: The goal is to recognize and reduce risk by assessing the dangers in the environment and then taking steps to defend yourself, whether you are walking to your car, having dinner at a restaurant, or going about your day at work.

Psychological Awareness: The goal is to recognize and diffuse emotionally charged situations, while also practicing breathing and psychological focus to allow you to keep a clear and focused mind.

Verbal Skills: The goal of developing verbal skills to help you asserting yourself as someone that will not be easily assaulted, while also alerting bystanders, passersby, and the authorities that there may be trouble.

American Kenpo Karate can meet the Self-Defense needs for Altadena men, women, and children.

Check out our kids self-defense class below: