Self-Defense Classes for Sierra Madre California

Self-Defense Classes in Sierra Madre California

American Kenpo Karate offerstop-rated self-defense classes for Sierra Madre residents.  Located in the San Gabriel valley in the Pasadena Playhouse District just a few exits from Sierra Madre, our studio offers self-defense classes for adults and children during the weekdays, evenings, and weekends.  We also offer self-defense classes to Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Workplaces, Women’s organizations, and colleges/universities.

Self Defense is needed when:

  1. You are attacked without provocation.
  2. You are threatened and fear injury or death

Of course, the best self-defense is to leave or diffuse the situation before things get out of hand. But training in self-defense classes will give you confidence in dangerous situations.

What is self-defense training?

Self Defense training requires developing verbal skills, psychological awareness and environmental awareness. There are also many physical skills that are needed for both adults and children:

Kids Self Defense

There are several goals for self-defense training for children. They are perhaps different that those of adults. The firs goal is to develop assertiveness and confidence to help manage bullying and harassment from same-age or slightly older peers. Our adaptive program also address neurodiversity to provide strategies for students with special needs. Kids may also need defensive strategies against adult aggression or possible kidnapping. Self-defense classes can help them fend off adult aggression. Physical conditioning is also a goal so that the children can develop the strength and body recognition needed to defend themselves.

  • Bully & Confidence training
  • Kidnapping Resisting and Escaping
  • Yelling, Attacking and Get Away Drills
  • Defense Strategies against: Chokes, headlocks, grabs, hugs, tackles, kicks, punches
  • Conditioning and Gross Motor Development
  • Adaptive self-defense for teens

Adult Self Defense

Adult/TeenSelf-Defense classes are more focused on the possibility of an unexpected attack on yourself or your loved ones. Unexpected attacks may include physical violence and sexual assault.

  • Escaping Grabs, Hugs, Headlocks, Chokes
  • Defending against strikes
  • Striking for Getaway
  • Defending against blade weapons
  • Firearms defense
  • Fighting/Combat Conditioning
  • Scenario training

American Kenpo Karate can meet the Self-Defense class needs for Sierra Madre men, women, and children.

Check out our kids self-defense class below: