Self Defense Classes near Eagle Rock

Self-Defense Classes near Eagle Rock

If you are looking for self-defense classes near Eagle Rock California look no further! American Kenpo Karate is located just adjacent to Old Town Pasadena, California and just a few minutes from Eagle Rock.

Would you know what to do if someone surprised you with a choke from behind? How about if someone attempted to attack you with a knife. Most of us would have no idea what to do other than RUN! Running away and getting to safety is truly the best option, but just in case, our studio emphasizes physical self-defense and assertiveness training. There may be a time that you have to fight your way to safety. That’s where we come in!

Our Self Defense Classes are based on the concepts and principles of Kenpo Karate, a self-defense based martial art. Kenpo organizes perpetrator attacks into several categories, listed below.

  1. Punches
  2. Pushes
  3. Hugs &Holds
  4. Chokes & Locks
  5. Kicks
  6. Weapons
  7. Grabs & Tackles
  8. Combinations
  9. 2 Person Attacks

You may be overwhelmed by all of the different ways that someone can attack you. American Kenpo Karate self-defense techniques are developed to help you counter, redirect or disarm any perpetrator trying to apply any one of these attacks. There are several “rules” for the first moves when someone applies an attack. For example, if someone were to push you hard, the first directive is to get your balance in one step (so that you aren’t pushed to the ground). Additionally, if you are “grabbed,” the rule is to grab the grab. Learning how to respond to each of the above attacks can help you anticipate what reactions will help you escape and protect yourself.

Check out the video demonstration by Master Rick Jeffcoat.  He demonstrates how to respond to an attack.

So, if you are looking for Self Defense Classes near Eagle Rock, Highland Park, San Marino, South Pasadena, or Pasadena, take advantage of our 1 week free. Try it out and learn a few self-defense techniques on us!