Karate Schools Near Sierra Madre

Sierra Madre is a community located in the San Gabriel Valley foothills near the southern edge of the Angeles National Forest. Sierra Madre is a residential community located near Pasadena, California, which is city that is the home to several karate schools.  American Kenpo Karate, is an award-winning karate school.

American Kenpo Karate has been in business for over 24 years and it is an owner-operated school, run by 8th degree Black Belt, Master Rick Jeffcoat.

American Kenpo Karate offers 5 different Programs:

  1. Adult Martial Arts—offered to ages 14 and up.
  2. Kids Martial Arts—for ages  6-14
  3. Little Dragons Karate—for ages 4-6
  4. Martial Arts Private Lessons—all ages and flexible timing
  5. Adaptive Karate—variety of programs for a variety of special needs

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We have talked about these things in other blogs, here are 3 simple things to consider when evaluating karate schools near you.

  1. Does the school offer the kind of program you are looking for?
  2. How many years has the school been in existence?  This is important, as karate is not only an investment in money, but also an investment in a practice and in a community.  You want to make sure that the school will be around and that there are several levels of practitioners to work out with.
  3. Does the school offer the kind of culture that you want?  For example, do you want a school based on development at each students’ pace? Or a tournament/competition school?  Some schools offer both.

If you want to try one of most famous karate schools near Sierra Madre, call us at 626-793-8575 to schedule your free week.  You can also check out our other blogs to learn some karate techniques online.  Kick off the year 2020 with American Kenpo Karate!