Benefits of Karate Classes for Kids

Benefits of Karate Classes for Kids

There are many reasons why parents enroll their kids into Karate Classes.  Training in karate helps to balance the sedentary screen time that takes up so much of children’s’ time.  Karate also helps children develop and maintain focus and discipline.  Long term training also teaches kids persistence, self-control, and the ability to develop commitment.

There are also other reasons that kids can benefit from martial arts training.

  1. Karate Classes help kids develop both individual and team orientations to training. Some children have a hard time with team sports because the pressure to perform and the interdependency of the team can be scary at first.  Karate offers the opportunity to train for yourself and to set your own goals.  However, for those that want to develop team skills, some karate schools have teams, where kids can compete in self-defense demonstrations.  
  2. Belt Levels help with Goal Setting
    Each belt level at American Kenpo Karate requires knowledge of different techniques, katas, and fundamentals. At our school, the students learn the required material in 3 month intervals all the way through Kids Brown Belt Level. The requirements are clear and the children enjoy checking off their competencies.
  3. Routines help Students Manage Fear and Anxiety
    Karate is as much about time on the mat and effort as it is about physical skill. We have developed routines and a spiral curriculum that ensures that the students will learn and practice their required curriculum in a systematic and complete manner.
  4. Coordination and Confidence
    Childhood and adolescence inevitably involves moments of awkwardness as children grow into their bodies. Children who study karate are more adept at developing eye-hand-foot coordination and balance. This kind of confidence in the body translates to confidence and the ability to feel comfortable in the body.
  5. Good Karate schools offer students structure. Through routines, weekly class commitments, home practice and private lessons, children develop skills that help them structure their learning. Children realize that learning requires coming to class, practicing, and persisting through frustration.
  6. Acceptable Physical Contact
    Karate Class is one of the few times in the lives of kids and adults when it is OK and safe to kick and punch. Letting go of frustration on bags and focus pads is a great way to expend physical energy.
  7. Coolness Factor

Who doesn’t think that Bruce Lee is cool?  Kids who study martial arts will inevitably be perceived as cool.  First, because they come from a tradition of interesting Hollywood legends.  Second, overtime, they develop a more confident persona…and let’s face it confidence is very cool.

There are many many more benefits for children taking Karate Classes. Look out for our coming blogs where we will discuss the neurological and cognitive benefits of karate classes.  Bring your kid to American Kenpo Karate for a free week of classes!

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