Self-Defense Classes

Self-Defense Classes

Self Defense Classes are arguably the most universally useful to the general public.  However, self-defense programs vary from school to school and amongst the different martial arts.  If you are serious about self-defense, we recommend that you do more than a 1 day or 1 weekend workshop.  Don’t get us wrong, you may work a few useful tricks and strategies, but real and reliable self-defense takes substantive training and practice.

American Kenpo Karate is a self-defense-based art.  Each belt level beyond the yellow belt requires that students learn 24 new techniques that defend against a variety of categories of attack, ranging from tackles, to punches, to kicks, etc.

Below, we offer purple belt technique, Swinging Pendulum with Extension.


  1. Standing in a right neutral bow, as your opponent attacks with a right roundhouse kick, move your left foot up the circle to 4 o’clock and strike with a right inward, left downward (universal block) to opponent’s kick. You should be in a right neutral bow.
  2. Shuffle forward to 11 o’clock and execute a right hammerfist to opponent’s groin. Reverse the motion of your left hand as it raises and becomes a positional check.
  3. Move your left foot up the circle to 3 o’clock, into a solid horse stance. and execute a right obscure elbow to opponent’s jaw. Your elbow will contour opponent’s body as it strikes.
  4. After your right upward vertical elbow strike (obscure fashion) to opponent’s jaw, simultaneously as you step back to a right reverse bow stance to 12 o’clock, to buckle opponent’s left leg, deliver a right upward snapping forearm strike to opponent jaw (left hand checks at this point).
  5. Immediately execute a right rear heel scoop to opponent’s groin as you in place stance switch (rear to front, front to rear) into a left reverse bow to buckle opponent’s right leg.
  6. Pivot in place counter clockwise into a left neutral bow stance as you deliver a left outward handsword strike to opponent’s sternum and without hesitation pivot into a left f01ward bow stance as you deliver a right palm thrust (as in Glancing Salute) to opponent’s left side of jaw.
  7. As your right palm heel snakes around opponent’s right side of his neck pull him  down into a right roundhouse  knee kick to his sternum.   While still maintaining your right grab plant back (same place) and as you switch to a left  neutral bow stance execute  a left upward  snapping forearm strike to opponent’s jaw and in almost the same motion rip off with a right outward claw  to opponent’s face, immediately followed by a right inward heel palm claw to his face.
  8. As you continue this same flow of motion right inward two-finger hook to opponent’s eyes as you crossover left to 4:30 and as you settle in your stance left outward  handsword  strike to opponent’s  neck.
  9. Double coverout to 4:30 o’clock.

Swinging Pendulum is a purple belt technique in the American Kenpo Karate 24 technique system.  Swinging Pendulum with the extension is a 1st Degree Black Belt Technique.  Check out American Kenpo Karate for Self Defense Classes that will train you to protect your life.