Retreating Pendulum with Extension – Kick Techniques – Martial Arts Styles

Many martial Arts styles incorporate a defense against kicks.  At American Kenpo Karate, we learn defensive strategies against single kicks and kick combinations, as well as punch-kick combinations. In today’s video, we feature Retreating Pendulum, the 6th kick technique the American Kenpo Karate system.Retreating pendulum with the extension teaches how to buckle the opponent down and how to take advantage of strike opportunities to the rear of the opponent.

RETREATING PENDULUM (front right thrusting heel kick)

  1. While in a right neutral bow, drop back with your right foot into a left front twist stance. simultaneously deliver a right outside downward block to opponent’s kicking leg and check with your left hand by your right shoulder.
  2. Immediately deliver a right knife-edge kick to opponent’s left leg, to inner knee.
  3. Plant your right foot forward toward 12 o’clock and have your left hand check high dose to your armpit.
  4. As your block circles counter clockwise and without losing any momentum follow·up with a right overhead downward hammerfist to opponent’s neck as you plant your right foot toward 12 o’clock.
  5. Pivot to your left into a right reverse bow and deliver a right rear scoop kick to opponent’s groin, your right leg between your opponent’s leg at this point. You may have to drag your left foot toward your right foot to assure proper distance for your rear scoop kick.
  6. After your right rear heel scoop kick to groin and your right reverse bow to buckle his right back of knee, and from your right reverse bow stance, pivot clockwise and drop into a right close kneel as you execute a left palm claw grab to grab and squeeze opponent’s testicles from the rear and from in between his legs (your left hand is checking across his body to his left hip or shoulder  depending on where he is).
  7. At this you start to rise up by first executing a right back knuckle to the opponent’s right kidney, as you stand on up execute a left heel of palm claw to the left side of your opponent’s face, as you switch your stance to a right forward.
  8.  Now switch your forward bow stance to a right neutral bow stance as you execute a right inward handsword strike to the right side of his neck.
  9. Pull your right foot back into a right cat stance and execute a right roundhouse kick to the right slide of his face.
  10. From the kick right front crossover and double coverout toward 7:30

Martial Arts Classes that incorporate kick defenses help develop strategies for managing the kicks and incapacitating the opponent so that they cannot deliver more strikes.