Girl Scouts – Self Defense Classes

Girl Scouts – Self Defense Classes

This week, American Kenpo Karate hosted Self Defense Classes for the Girl Scouts of America. The Girl Scouts offer the badge below to document the accomplishment.

Self Defense Classes for Girl Scouts focus on building assertiveness, awareness, and confidence in order to make a safer world for everyone.

The various classes help the girls with skills to anticipate and get away from dangerous situation, as well as how to fight their way to safety.  The classes develop perceptual acuity, verbal strategies,  and physical techniques. The trainings include mothers and daughters so that the entire family can learn how to protect their safety. At American Kenpo Karate we are committed to the safety and empowerment of girls, as well as developing their mental and physical attributes should they need to defend themselves. And what could be more fun than punching and kicking a bag, knowing that you are investing in your safety!

Girl Scout Self Defense Classes include the following:

  • The various ways to defend yourself, developing awareness, verbal strategies, and physical strategies.
  • Physical Defense against various attacks (chokes, hugs, punches, kicks, and more)
  • Strength and coordination training on heavy bags
  • Scenario training

Self Defense Classes for Girl Scouts are important because girls who can protect themselves will move more freely in the world with less fear and less fear means that they will be able to pursue their dreams.