Begging Hands and Desperate Falcons – Martial Arts Pasadena

American Kenpo Karate offers some of the most expert Martial Arts in Pasadena, California.  In the video explanation below, Master Rick Jeffcoat offers a Method of Attack drill in which he explains the different defensive options for two hand wrist grabs, depend on the foot position of the opponent or attacker.  In the Blue Belt technique, Begging Hands,  the attacker is standing in a horse stance.  However, the attacker in the 3rd degree Brown Belt technique Desperate Falcons, has one leg forward and therefore, the first move to break the grab must be different from Begging Hands.

BEGGING HANDS (front two-hand grab to wrists)

  1. With feet together, step back with your left foot (to 6 o’clock) into a right neutral bow as you have both of your hands assimilate begging (palm up) on the top of your opponent’s wrists as your right foot draws back into a right cat stance.
  2. Immediately deliver a right snapping ball kick to opponent’s groin.
  3. Plant your right foot (toward 12 o’clock) adjusting its depth according to the circumstance and deliver a left snapping ball kick to opponent’s chin.
  4. As you plant your left foot forward (toward 12 o’clock) into a left neutral bow, deliver a double torquing heel of palm thrust under opponent’s chest, shuffling forward if needed.
  5. Cover out in usual fashion.

DESPERATE FALCONS  (Front Two-Hand Grab to Wrists)

  1. With feet together and opponent grabbing your wrists from the front (opponent’s left hand grabbing your right wrist and right grabbing your left wrist) move your left foot forward and to your left between 11 and 12 o’clock (into a left neutral bow) as both arms circle clockwise so as to loop over both arms of your opponent (forcing opponent’s arms down).
  2. Immediately follow-up with a left forward back knuckle to opponent’s face simultaneous with a right forward vertical fist to opponent’s solar plexus.
  3. Without hesitation step forward into a right 45° cat stance toward 12 o’clock and deliver a right vertical or diagonal back knuckle strike to opponent’s right temple  as your left hand checks down and presses against  opponent’s right arm.
  4. Step forward (hugging inside of your opponent’s right leg) with your right foot to 12 or 1 o’clock  into a right  neutral  bow  and  deliver  a right  horizontal inward elbow strike to opponent’s face (left hand is still pressing and checking opponent’s right arm down).
  5. Immediately shift into a right reverse bow (in place) while delivering a right downward diagonal hammerfist to  opponent’s  right  kidney  (left  hand  is checking slightly higher).
  6. Execute a left rear crossover  toward 2 o’clock and immediately plant your right leg into a right reverse bow in order to buckle inside of opponent’s left leg.
  7. Right knee kick to inside of opponent’s right thigh toward 8 o’clock.
  8. Right front crossover and cover out twice toward 8 o’clock.

American Kenpo Karate’s martial arts Pasadena studio is an amazing place to learn from a world-renown kenpo practitioner.  Whether you are new to martial arts or an experienced practitioner looking to improve and diversify your training, you are welcome to join in on our classes!