Protecting Fans – Karate Classes serving Altadena and Pasadena

Our studio offers American Kenpo Karate classes to Altadena and Pasadena.In the video demonstration that follows Master Rick Jeffcoat teaches 3rd Degree Brown Belt, Protecting Fans.

PROTECTING FANS (Front Left And Right Punch With Opponent’s Left Leg Forward –The Same Sequence May Be Used For A Right And Left Punch)

  1. While standing naturally move your left foot foward and to your left to 10 o’clock (into a left neutral bow) as you deliver a left inward horizontal parry inside of opponent’s left punch.
  2. As opponent delivers a right punch, pivot (in place) into a left forward bow toward 10 o’clock as you deliver a right extended outward chopping block toward 2 o’clock (hand open) to outside of opponent’s right punch (with your left hand cocking to your left hip).
  3. Immediately (pivot your body to the right at the waist only) deliver a left horizontal finger poke to opponent’s eyes with a right ball kick to opponent’s groin toward 2 o’clock as your right hand grabs and pulls down on opponent’s right wrist (pull opponent’s arm down and past your right hip).
  4. Plant your right foot (which just kicked) to inside of opponent’s right thigh as your left hand checks opponent’s right arm downward and as your right inward horizontal elbow strikes to opponent’s sternum or left ribcage or head depending upon circumstances.
  5. With your left hand still checking, execute a right front scoop kick to opponent’s groin followed by a right two-finger hook to opponent’s eyes (hooking from your right to left) as you move back in addition to thrusting a left heel jab to opponent’s sternum in the process.
  6. Left front crossover (after landing in a left neutral bow) and cover out twice toward 5 o’clock.

Our studio offers Karate Classes to Altadena and Pasadena residents young and old. We serve students all over Los Angeles and the San Gabriel Valley. We teach Karate classes to Altadena and Pasadenaresidents where all who students receive the training of a lifetime from some of the most renown Martial Artists in the world.