Punch & Tackle Drills – Karate Classes serving Eagle Rock

Our martial arts school offers American Kenpo Karate classes to Eagle Rock residents.In the video lesson that follows Master Rick Jeffcoat demonstratespunch and tackle drills: Five Swords with Intercepting the Ram, Charging Ram, and Broken Ram.


  1. Standing naturally, step off with your left foot to11 o’clock as you deliver a right knee kick to opponent’s solar plexus. Simultaneously deliver a right inward downward hammerfist to opponent’s right kidney.
  2. With the momentum forcing you back, plant back with your right foot toward 6 o’clock into a left neutral bow as you deliver a left inward overhead elbow strike to the opponent’s spine with a right push down check to the opponent’s head.
  3. Immediately step through in reverse with your left foot to 5 o’clock into a right neutral bow facing 11 o’clock, as your left hand hooks the back of the opponent’s neck, forcing their head down.
  4. With the opponent bent over, pivot into a horse stance facing 8:00 and execute a right downward thrusting forearm elbow punch to opponent’s left jaw.
  5. Pivot counterclockwise and deliver a right rear scoop kick to opponent’s right jaw.
  6. Right front crossover and cover out twice toward 4 o’clock.

CHARGING RAM (Front Tackle)

  1. While standing in a right neutral bow, as opponent tackles from the front, shift your left foot up the circle to 3 o’clock (still in a right neutral bow, facing 9 o’clock) as you execute a left outside downward parry to the outside of opponent’s left arm. This move is followed by a right overhead downward handsword to the back of opponent’s neck.  These moves are done with no loss of motion. The handsword should strike as you settle in your neutral bow stance.
  2. Drag your right foot into a right 45° cat stance and execute a right snap kick to opponent’s left ribcage. Follow up with a left chicken kick to opponent’s left jaw.
  3. Cover out in the usual fashion.

BROKEN RAM (Front Tackle)

  1. While in a right neutral bow, have your left foot swing counter clockwise to 3 o’clock into a right neutral bow. Simultaneously deliver a right overhead downward hamrnerfist to opponent’s neck (chop can be used).
  2. With opponent’s left arm still grasping on to your waist, pivot to your left (into  a right reverse bow facing 10 o’clock) and deliver a right uppercut against the joint of opponent’s left elbow to cause a break.
  3. Deliver a right back scoop kick to opponent’s groin and plant your right foot to point of origin (adjust the foot if and when necessary).
  4. While planting your right foot, loop your right hand counter clockwise and over opponent’s left arm and strike to opponent’s left jaw with a right downward hammerfistsimultaneously as your right foot plants from previous move (buckling inside of opponent’s left leg).
  5. Right front crossover and cover out twice toward 4 o’clock.

Our school offers Karate Classes to Eagle Rock residents young and old. We serve students all over the San Gabriel Valley and Los Angeles area. We welcome all students and promise you willreceive the training of a lifetime from some of the most renown kenpoists in the world.