Brushing the Storm and Captured Leaves – Martial Arts near South Pasadena & San Marino

Sister Endings: Guard from the Ground

If you are looking for Martial Arts near South Pasadena & San Marino, come to American Kenpo Karate!  In the lesson below, Master Rick Jeffcoat shows how to work from the guard position in the endings to Brushing the Storm and Captured Leaves.

BRUSHING THE STORM (right flank right overhead club)

  1. Standing naturally with the opponent attacking from 3 o’clock, step with your right foot to 2 o’clock into a right neural bow facing 2 o’clock.  Simultaneously deliver a left inward parry to the outside of opponent’s right arm at/or above the elbow while executing a right thrusting heel palm striking to opponent’s jaw, striking from under and inside of opponent’s right arm.
  2. Step with your left foot to 3 o’clock into a left close kneel stance, facing 3 o’clock as you strike to opponent’s solar plexus/ribs with your right vertical downward elbow (striking vertically and down) and continue checking opponent’s right arm with your left hand.
  3. Pivot clockwise into a left neutral bow facing 4 o’clock as you strike to the groin with a right heel palm continuing to apply your left hand check to opponent’s shoulder blade.
  4. From the heel palm, hook your right arm around your opponent’s knee or lower leg. As you step back with your right foot toward 10 o’clock into a left neutral bow, pull the opponent’s leg to your right hip and simultaneously push the left shoulder blade with your left hand.
  5. While holding opponent’s right leg with your right hand, deliver a left ball kick to opponent’s groin.
  6. Plant your left foot towards 4 o’clock into a left front twist stance. From the twist stance, and with your guard up, execute a right knife-edge kick to back of opponent’s left knee buckling him to the ground.
  7. Right front crossover and cover out twice toward 12 o’clock.

CAPTURED LEAVES (Right Flank Finger Lock)

  1. With your right fingers twisted down by both of opponent’s hands, step with your right foot towards 11 o’clock into a right neutral bow as you lower your height to release pressure from your hand. Your left hand will reach under your right hand and check against opponent’s left wrist.
  2. Pivot counter clockwise into a left reverse bow as you fulcrum against your left hand pulling your right hand from opponent’s grasp. Follow up with a left back elbow to opponent’s left kidney as you settle in your left reverse bow. Your right hand will be checking by your face and opponent’s left arm will be checked against your back.
  3. Pivot clockwise into a horse stance and strike opponent’s left ribcage with a right back elbow.  Your left hand will be checking near your face.
  4. Cover out in the usual fashion.

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