Pushes and Grabs – What is American Kenpo?

What is American Kenpo and how does it differ from other martial arts?  Founded by Ed Parker, American Kenpo Karate is a self-defense based martial art that has it’s roots in the Chinese and Japanese versions of Kenpo. It is based in modern day fighting and uses efficiency and power to execute fast strikes. Kenpo anticipates several categories of attack.  In the Video below, the techniques anticipate a push or a grab.

REPEATING MACE (Front Left-Hand Cross Push)

  1. Standing naturally, as your opponent pushes from the front with his left hand, step with your left foot to 5 o’clock into a right front twist stance as your left hand parries (outward parry) against opponent’s left arm. Simultaneously execute a right middle knuckle rake to opponent’s left kidney.
  2. As your left parry books over opponent’s left arm, pivot into a right neutral bow as you execute a right horizontal back knuckle strike to opponent’s ribcage. Take advantage of the power gained by rotating out of the twist stance, while executing this move.
  3. Execute a right looping downward roundhouse kick to the top of opponent’s left calf muscle, driving his left knee towards the ground.
  4. Right front crossover in reverse as you cover into a right neutral bow.

DOMINATING CIRCLES (Front Offset Right Shoulder Grab By Opponent’s Right Hand)

  1. With feet together, step with your left leg to 10:00 and have your right foot circle clockwise, back, and down on opponent’s right leg (into a horse stance) in order to buckle opponent’s right leg.  Simultaneously have your right arm travel  in  the  same manner (going clockwise) over, around, and down to opponent’s right arm (striking opponent’s right arm with an outward overhead elbow   strike).  Left   hand is  checking  in  the  meantime  by  controlling opponent’s right shoulder.
  2. Step back (to 6 o’clock) with your right foot (into a left forward bow) while simultaneously delivering a right heel thrust to opponent’s jaw (lock your right arm out).  Your left hand should still be checking.
  3. Step forward to 12 o’clock with your right foot (into a right neutral or forward bow) as you deliver a left thrusting chop to opponent’s throat and jaw while your right hand travels down and outside of opponent’s right arm to check and control opponent’s right arm for moves that are to be done later.
  4. Step to 11 o’clock with your left foot as your left hand changes from a left thrusting chop to a left shape of the crane (hooking around left side of opponent’s neck) pushing and hooking opponent so that his body starts to turn clockwise (from your point of view) and face down along your left thigh. Simultaneously have your right hand also assist in turning your opponent by traveling down the opponent’s right arm and forcing opponent’s body to turn over.
  5. Continue the action of both hands as your right foot slides along the ground in a counter clockwise manner to 9 o’clock (opponent’s body at this point is face down). Have your right hand, without loss of motion, travel to outside of opponent’s right elbow and down to his right wrist.
  6. As opponent drops, pull and yank his right arm toward you (utilizing your left arm to assist you) to dislocate opponent’s right shoulder. When jerking on opponent’s arm shuffle back with a push drag.
  7. Drop into a right close kneel, having your right knee smashing  and sandwiching opponent’s face and head to the ground.
  8. Right front crossover and cover out twice.

So if you are asking yourself “What is Kenpo?” and “How is it different from other martial arts, come on into our studio and we guarantee that you will learn from some of the most accomplished Kenpoists in the country.