Heavenly Ascent 3rd Degree Black Belt – Martial Arts near Altadena

Heavenly Ascent 3rd Degree Black Belt – Martial Arts near Altadena

Try American Kenpo Karate – the Best Martial Arts studio near Altadena! American Kenpo Karate offers professional martial arts training in Kenpo Karate. American Kenpo Karate, an eclecticself-defense-based art, incorporates kicks and punches, as well as some grappling that use concepts and principles of physics for maximum results.  In the video that follows, Master Rick Jeffcoats demonstrates 3rd Degree Black Belt Technique, Heavenly Ascent, which teaches you how to defend against a choke.

HEAVENLY ASCENT (front two-handed choke arms straight)

  1. As the choke is being applied, step with your right foot to 11 o’clock into a right neutral bow. Simultaneously clasp your hands and execute a two arm upward wedge strike to inside of opponent’s forearms to break the choke.
  2. Pivot into a fighting horse and execute a right vertical upward elbow strike to the chin, with the left hand checking the opponent’s right arm.
  3. Pivot back into a right neutral bow and deliver a right downward back knuckle strike to the face, while maintaining the left check.
  4. Continue to pivot into a right forward bow as you execute a left heel palm claw strike to the opponent’s nose and eyes, with a right positional check.
  5. As you pivot back into a right neutral bow, deliver a right half-fist uppercut to the opponent’s throat, with a left positional check.
  6. After your right half·fist uppercut to opponent’s throat and having pivoted back into a right neutral bow stance, immediately step back with your right foot to 6 o’clock as both of your hands follow the contour of his arms and grab his wrists and pull to force him to bend down and toward you.
  7.  From your left neutral bow stance, execute a left front ball kick to his groin and immediately execute a right front ball kick to his solar plexus or sternum (this is a chicken kick).
  8.  As you plant down with your right foot forward go into a right stiff arm lifting back knuckle to his chin, followed by a right downward vertical back knuckle (down the same path) to the bridge of the nose, start two loops (out to the right first) into an inside downward hammerfist diagonally to his left jaw and following through to (figure eight style) a right downward outward diagonal back knuckle to the opponent’s right jaw (this entire series of moves in section No. three is like the green
  9. Simultaneously as your last back knuckle follows through slide your left foot through into a left rear crossover toward 1:30 as you execute a left upward claw to his face, and without hesitation slide your right foot out to 1:30 into a right reverse bow to buckle his left inner knee, as your right hand loops over left and down and out into a right back heel of palm claw to the opponent’s groin (this hand follows the contour of your body).
  10. Grab your opponent’s testicles (assuming he is a male) and as you go into a right  front crossover rip them out.  Continue into a double coverout toward 7 o’clock.

Without a doubt, American Kenpo Karate is best Martial Arts studio near Altadena! Master Rick Jeffcoat is a world famouskenpoist, a first generation student of Mr. Parker, and an incredible sensei.  He works with only the best and promises you the opportunity to work with some of the best kenpoists in the world.