Martial Arts Class Pasadena

Martial Arts Class Pasadena

Are you looking for amazing martial arts classes in Pasadena, California? American Kenpo Karate is a premier and renowned martial arts studio.  In this blog we feature the “sister endings” to the Kenpo techniques Reversing Mace & Gift in Return.

REVERSING MACE (Front Straight Left Punch)

  1. From a right neutral bow, as your opponent punches, shift your left foot, up thecircle, to o’clock as you execute a right inward and left vertical outward block to the outside of opponent’s left arm. Follow through with a right back knuckle to opponent’s left ribcage. (Marriage of Gravity)
  2. Immediately shift your weight to your left leg and deliver a right loopingdownward roundhouse kick to the back of your opponent’s left knee. The kick will complement the angle of your opponent’s thigh.
  3.  From a right neutral bow, slide your left foot counter clockwise to 5 o’clock.
  4. Simultaneously use a right inward and left o toward outside of opponent’s left punch. Without any loss of motion the right inward continues and becomes a right back knuckle to opponent’s left ribcage.
  5. Pivot counter clockwise and deliver a right low roundhouse kick to back of opponent’s left knee, looping the kicking foot so that it compliments the angle of your opponent’s left thigh, thus having a tremendous effect in buckling your opponent’s left leg.
  6. Plant your right foot slightly (toward 12 o’clock) and shuffle {drag your left foot) and deliver a right side kick (toward 11o’clock) to inside of opponent’s right knee (buckling opponent onto his knees).
  7. Plant your right foot (toward 11 o’clock) and left rear crossover and right downward hammerfist to opponent’s sternum (assuming opponent is still on his knees) with your left hand checking at opponent’s left arm and shoulder.
  8. From twist stance (left rear twist) untwist counter clockwise (in place) turning completely around and execute a left back knuckle strike to right mastoid of opponent.
  9. Step forward to 12 o’clock with your right (right neutral bow) foot and immediately pivot clockwise (facing opponent’s back) into a left forward bow as your left-hand checks opponent’s shoulder blades while your right hand delivers a corkscrew punch to upper spine (opponent is. still on his knees).
  10. Immediately follow·up with a right knee kick to lower spine.
  11. From knee kick position, right stomp to left ankle of opponent and slide your  ‘ right foot to the ground (on the outside of opponent’s left ankle).
  12. Left front crossover and cover out twice.

GIFT IN RETURN (Handshake)

  1. With feet together and opponent squeezing your right hand with his right, step forward and to your left (to 11 o’clock) with your left foot (left neutral bow) to outside of opponent’s right leg but hugging and checking opponent’s leg with your left leg. Simultaneously deliver a strike to opponent’s groin with both his and your right hand with your left hand assisting you by thrusting down on opponent’s  right  forearm.
  2. Shift your left hand around and back of opponent’s right leg and grab opponent’s right wrist as your right foot shifts clockwise to 10 o’clock (into a left neutral bow). Immediately pull up with your left hand and push down against opponent’s right hip with your right hand to put pressure on opponent’s testicles as well as limit opponent’s leverage, thus nullifying his ability to kick.  You should be in a left forward bow stance.
  3. Immediately deliver a right step through knife-edge kick to the back of your opponent’s left knee while releasing your left hand grasp.
  4. Without any hesitation plant your right kicking foot along side of your left foot  and deliver a left knee kick to opponent’s tail bone.
  5. With your left foot in the air (or after it plants forward, depending on circumstance), cover out in usual fashion.
  6. After your left knee kick to opponent’s tail bone, and with your left knee still in the air, execute a left side thrust kick to opponent’s right back of knee.
  7. Left front crossover (gauging leg) to 11 o’dock and immediately up-pivot into a right spinning lift back kick to opponent’s groin.
  8. Immediately (using M.O.G.) left rear crossover to 6 o’clock and execute a right back knuckle to opponent’s left kidney (left hand checks in the process).
  9. Unwind counter clockwise into a left neutral bow stance as you execute a left back knuckle to opponent’s right kidney, and without loss of motion, flow into a right inward and downward hammerfist to opponent’s right kidney while left reverse  stepping through  to  11 o’clock.
  10. Right front crossover and double cover out to 1 o’clock.

So if you are interested in expert martial arts classes for children or adults or for specialized groups, American Kenpo Karate would be happy to help and give you the very best instruction.