Our goal is to provide fun, safe and the best martial arts training for students from 4 years to adult. We offer a family-oriented, friendly environment, dedicated to the ageless martial arts disciplines of self control, physical fitness, and self-defense. Our karate classes will condition your body and give you new skills, plus teach you how defend yourself and your family from a real-life violent assault. And that knowledge will be yours for life!®




Our adult and teen martial arts program has beginning and advanced levels, both aimed at learning America Kenpo Karate while having fun and getting fit! The beginning level for adult karate (ages 14 and up) builds agility, strength, and coordination, while cultivating the age-old martial arts principles of focus, discipline, and perseverance.

For White through Black Belts, Adult Karate Classes focus on self-defense strategies and karate fundamentals, all the while providing a great workout. Adult karate classes build basic karate skills such as stances, foot maneuvers, blocks, kicks, and strikes, in a fun and energizing environment! Adult karate classes help to develop and maintain fitness, speed, balance, strength and agility. Instructors individualize instruction to different belt levels so that students can work at their own pace.

The advanced adult kenpo karate program, emphasizes speed, recognition, control, power, and automaticity. Advanced level students learn variations of techniques that allow them to improvise and formulate effective self-defense martial arts strategies for real-life attacks!

Advanced Karate Adult Classes, for the accomplished martial artists of rank 3rd Brown Belt and above, focus on a rigorous and challenging curriculum with advanced level execution of techniques and katas. Adults in the advanced karate training class learn: to adapt the curriculum to real-life scenarios, as well as how to execute advanced combinations and sparring strategies.




Our Kids Karate program has two levels of martial arts classes: beginning and advanced. Beginning levels emphasize the physical attributes of agility, strength, and stamina, all while learning karate basics and self-defense techinques. The advanced level kids karate program develops speed, power, and control as the curriculum increases in complexity.  Throughout both levels, the children learn the ancient martial arts principles of respect, focus and discipline!


In the journey from white belt to junior black belt and through adult black belt, the kids karate classes offer children the opportunity to advance in rank several times each year. Promotions are celebratory events where the children demonstrate to friends and family just how much they have learned while having the time of their life! The confidence and sense of accomplishment is invaluable.


Designed for students between the ages 6-15, Kenpo Kids classes are both fun and challenging. Kenpo Kids classes aim to develop martial arts principles of self-discipline, respect, and confidence, all while improving fitness, strength, and coordination. It is recommended that children get 60 minutes of exercise every day to maintain a healthy lifestyle! Through age-appropriate activities within the 60-minute class, Kenpo Kids learn: karate fundamentals, self-defense techniques and sparring strategies. All belt levels are welcome!

Woohoo! As good as it gets!” that’s what I was thinking.. Mr Jeffcoat is an excellent teacher and fantastic martial artist. This studio was my home for many years as a student. If your interested in learning from one of the best then this is your place.


“Yours For Life”, a phrase used in their web site, http://americankenpokara… is what directed me to this particular karate school in Pasadena. After visiting their online site I was impressed so I decided to visit the actual school. I’m interested in both self defense classes and kids classes. When I arrived the owner, Rick Jeffcoat, made me feel right at home. It’s a no nonsense school with a great energy. I think it’s an excellent place to take karate classes.

Laird M.,

Rick’s school teaches the application of the art with the understanding of not only how to defend and attack, but what your defending against and why your attacking, defining the etymology of the move.

Its one thing to learn a technique to perfection, and when you execute it, it sure looks pretty. But, its another thing to understand the attack, and the defense and move with purpose. If you want an education and a workout in Kenpo, check this school out. Hands down, the best I’ve ever seen!!!!!

Kenpo K.,

My entire family and I have been learning Kenpo Karate from Rick Jeffcoat for the last 15 years.  Master Jeffcoat truly understand the art of Kenpo Karate and is able to explain clearly why you apply karate techniques a certain way, as it applies to your attacker and the environment.
My two daughters started off in his kids karate classes at the age of 3 and are now junior black belts.  My oldest will be going off to college this year and I feel assured that she has the self-defense strategies to protect herself while she is away from the family.  My wife, who just recently earned her black belt, has fun working out with this great community of martial artists and looks forward to the two of us working out even more once our youngest goes to college. This is the best studio in Pasadena!  Try it out!

Kenpo Family,