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Raining Claw & Returning the Storm–Sister Ending Techniques

Raining Claw and Returning the Storm

Method of Attack:

Right hand to right wrist or Left hand to right shoulder

Formulation Tool:

Adjusting & Altering

Sister Endings are grouped together with their related moves and Master Key Moves. Sister Endings come in groups of two or three, and are...

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Swinging Pendulum with Ending

[su_vimeo url="https://player.vimeo.com/video/247884037"]

SWINGING PENDULUM (front right roundhouse kick)

  1. Standing in a right neutral bow, as your opponent attacks with a right roundhouse kick, move your left foot up the circle to 4 o'clock and strike with a right inward, left downward (universal block) to opponent's kick. You should be in a right neutral bow.
  2. ...
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