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Two-Man Techniques

3rd Brown Belt Techniques

Falcons of Force

The Bear and the Ram

Courting the Tiger

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Check Out Our Kenpo Karate Curriculum

Learn more about American Kenpo Karate by coming in to join adult karate classes!  Beginner classes are Tuesdays...

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Thundering Hammers

Rick Jeffcoat's American Kenpo Karate

Thundering Hammers--Purple Belt Belt Technique

Thundering Hammers is one of many techniques used to defend against a front step through right punch. The target most available in Thundering Hammers is the right rib cage or stomach. The technique progressively buckles and hammers the opponent down by...
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Kenpo KarateCamp 2019

Formulating with Five Swords

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Our adult and teen martial arts program has beginning and advanced levels, both aimed at learning America Kenpo Karate while having fun and getting fit! The beginning level for adult karate (ages 14...

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