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Kids Martial Arts Classes

Designed for students between the ages 6-15, Kenpo Kids classes are both fun and challenging. Kenpo Kids classes aim to develop martial arts principles of self-discipline, respect, and confidence, all while improving fitness, strength, and coordination. It is recommended that children get 60 minutes of exercise every day to maintain a healthy lifestyle! Through age-appropriate activities within the 60-minute class, Kenpo Kids learn: karate fundamentals, self-defense techniques and sparring strategies. All belt levels are welcome!

In the journey from white belt to junior black belt and through adult black belt, the kids karate classes offer children the opportunity to advance in rank several times each year. Promotions are celebratory events where the children demonstrate to friends and family just how much they have learned while having the time of their life! The confidence and sense of accomplishment is invaluable.

Advanced Kids

Advanced Kids Classes

The advanced level kids karate program begins at green belt level and continues up until 1st brown belt level. Advanced kids develop speed, power, and control as the curriculum increases in complexity. As the children mature, they are required to practice martial arts principles of respect, focus and discipline! Advanced kids often learn the art of teaching, as they assist with beginning level students. To advance to adult black belt, advanced kids begin attending adult level classes.

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