Serving Sierra Madre

Sierra Madre-Self-Defense Strategies – Attackers can assault in a variety of different ways. Our self-defense approach is organized by categories of attack: Kicks, Grabs, Punches, Chokes, Tackles, Hugs, Holds and weapons such as clubs and knives. Our students master strategies to defend themselves in a variety of ways for each of these kinds of attacks.

Sierra Madre-Martial Arts Qualities and Skills – Our comprehensive martial arts skills teach students to grow focus, confidence, and discipline, while also building physical attributes such as power, balance, strength, and coordination.

Sierra Madre-Kenpo Karate System – As an art, Kenpo is eclectic art.  This means that beyond punching and kicking (traditional karate), our art also teaches students to defend themselves against grapplers and weapon fighters.

Sierra Madre is just a short drive on the 210 Freeway!  Our Kenpo Karate Community will have you hooked!  2020 is the year to launch dreams—start your karate training!