American Little Dragons Karate - Pasadena

Designed for children ages 4-6, Little Dragons Karate classes focus on developing gross motor development and eye-hand-body coordination while engaging in fun Kenpo Karate exercises. The Little Dragons love to end class with an obstacle course that combines their basics with physical fitness and music. Martial arts classes, designed for our youngest and most enthusiastic students, the Little Dragons preschool karate and kindergarten karate program takes a developmental approach, emphasizing fun, focus and fitness. The Little Dragons preschool karate and kindergarten karate program begins at white and continues through purple belt. They learn how to execute a variety of kicks, punches, blocks, and maneuvers, that they use in their self-defense techniques. Our fierce Little Dragons have the opportunity to show off and advance in rank each month, while their parents celebrate just how much their children have learned, while having so much fun!

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