Serving South Pasadena

Just a short drive from South Pasadena, American Kenpo Karate has offered Kenpo Karate training to South Pasadena Public School children.  We provide a world-class martial arts education that includes self-defense, martial arts skills, and an all-inclusive Kenpo Karate curriculum to students of all ages: adults, teens, and children.  We alsoprovide semi-private and private karate lessons to those of you who want personalized and specialized attention.  Our adaptive program is well known and registered with the national Adaptive Martial Arts Association. We offer organizations and groups training for specific contexts.

South Pasadena-Self-Defense Strategies – Perpetrators can attack in different ways that might include Kicks, Punches, Tackles, Chokes, Hugs, Holds, Chokes, and Weapons. Don’t get caught off guard.  Be prepared with our tried and true self defense strategies. Practitioners at American Kenpo Karate will teach you how to attack against a variety of attacks.

South Pasadena-Martial Arts Qualities and Skills – Martial arts offer skills based in science and physicality.  Our comprehensive martial arts curriculum helps students to develop intentionality, determination, and focus, while building physical attributes such as resiliency, flexibility, strength, and balance.

South Pasadena-Kenpo Karate System – Kenpo is often referred to as scientific Street Fighting.  It is  a comprehensive system that incorporates information from different martial arts (kicking and punching arts, as well as grappling). Curricula from different arts and the incorporation of those arts in a cohesive curriculum means that kenpo students are ready to protect themselves against most attacks.

Just minutes from South Pasadena, American Kenpo Karate delivers an amazing martial arts experience that will have you hooked!  Start off the month with a free week of Kenpo Karate training!