Serving Eagle Rock

American Kenpo Karate is a full-service martial arts school, just minutes from Eagle Rock, California. We offer self-defense, martial arts, and karate classes to adults, teens, and children. In addition, we offer semi-private and private karate lessons, as well as adaptive lessons to those with special needs.

Eagle Rock-Self-Defense Strategies – Perpetrators can attack in a variety of different ways. Our self-defense program is organized by categories of attack: Grabs, Chokes, Holds, Hugs, Tackles, Punches,  Kicks and weapons such as knives and clubs. Students in our studio learn how to defend themselves in a variety of ways for each of these kinds of attacks.

Eagle Rock-Martial Arts Qualities and Skills – Our holistic martial arts approach allows students to develop discipline, focus, and confidence while also building physical capacity such as balance, strength, and coordination.

Eagle Rock-Kenpo Karate System – As an art, Kenpo is eclectic art.  This means that beyond punching and kicking (traditional karate), our art also teaches students to defend themselves against grapplers and weapon fighters.

So, if you live in Eagle Rock, we are just a couple of exits away or a short drive down Colorado Blvd. Once you join our Kenpo community you will be hooked. So, if you are interested in Karate Schools near Eagle Rock, California, check out our free week.  2020 is the year to kick off your karate training!