Serving San Gabriel

Our studio is an award-winning martial arts school, just a short drive from San Gabriel, California.  We offer classes to adults, teens, and children in the areas of self-defense, martial arts, and karate. We also provide semi-private and private karate lessons. Our adaptive program is well known and registered with the national Adaptive Martial Arts Association. We offer organizations and groups training for specific contexts.

San Gabriel-Best Self-Defense Strategies – There are many ways to be attacked: Chokes, Holds, Hugs, Tackles, Punches,  Kicks and weapons such as knives and clubs. American Kenpo Karate has offers techniques and self-defense strategies that help protect against Our martial arts training helps students protect themselves against violent attackers that can attack in a variety of different ways and our students are well prepared to protect themselves.

San Gabriel-Martial Arts Qualities and Skills – Martial Arts develop a variety of physical attributes such as speed, balance, strength, power and coordination. Additionally, Martial arts teach combat and self-defense skills. Your improved physical development will grow your confidence, focus, and self-awareness.

San Gabriel-Kenpo Karate System – Kenpo is a long-standing and comprehensive martial art.  It is truly a mixed martial art–this means that it includes aspects of different kinds of arts, such as kicking, punching, grappling, and weapon defense.

American Kenpo Karate is just a few minutes away from San Gabriel. Come on in and try a free week!