Welcome to the American Kenpo Karate Videos Page.  This page features videos for instructional purposes that teach the martial arts principles and concepts defined by the Ed Parker Kenpo System.  The video library offers viewers selected videos that feature Master Rick Jeffcoat.  If you’d like to purchase the Yellow-Purple Belt techniques to take these martial arts classes online, CLICK HERE.

Short Form 1

Short Form 1

Thrusting Lance

Disarmed or with Knife

Karate Class

Black Belt Set

Technique Line

Purple Belt Techniques

Arm-Lock Flow Drill

Adult Karate Class

Morning Class

Long Form 1 & Category Recognition

Teen Sparring:

Fight Like a Karate Girl

Staff Set:

Technique 2: Twirling Bo

Staff Set:

Technique 4: Deceptive Bo

Long Form 7:

Techniques 1-5: mass attack

Long Form 7:

Techniques 6-10: mass attack

Sister Techniques (Left Punch):

Sword of Destruction & Shielding Hammer

Sister Techniques (Right Punch):

Dance of Death, Sleeper, & Thundering Hammers

Back Breaker

Detour From Doom

Squatting Sacrifice

Escape From Death

Long Form 4

Taming The Mace

Brushing The Storm

Intercepting The Ram

Try Out Our Martial Arts Classes In Pasadena, California!

Our adult and teen martial arts classes include beginning and advanced levels, both aimed at learning AMERICA KENPO KARATE while having fun and getting fit! The beginning level for adult karate (ages 14 and up) builds agility, strength, and coordination, while cultivating the age-old martial arts principles of focus, discipline, and perseverance.

For White through Black Belts, Martial Arts Classes focus on self defense strategies and karate fundamentals, all the while providing a great workout. Adult karate classes build basic karate skills such as stances, foot maneuvers, blocks, kicks, and strikes, in a fun and energizing environment! Adult karate classes help to develop and maintain fitness, speed, balance, strength and agility. Instructors individualize instruction to different belt levels so that students can work at their own pace.

The advanced adult kenpo karate program, emphasizes speed, recognition, control, power, and automaticity. Advanced level students learn variations of techniques that allow them to improvise and formulate effective self-defense martial arts strategies for real-life attacks!

Advanced Karate Adult Classes, for the accomplished martial artists of rank 3rd Brown Belt and above, focus on a rigorous and challenging curriculum with advanced level execution of techniques and katas. Adults in the advanced karate training class learn: to adapt the curriculum to real life scenarios, as well as how to execute advanced combinations and sparring strategies.

Adult karate classes are offered in the evenings and during the day on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Monday and Friday night technique lines offer students the opportunity to practice material learned in class.

The advanced karate training class for adults is offered on Wednesday evening.