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Our goal is to provide fun, safe and positive martial arts training for students from 4 years to adult. We offer a family-oriented, friendly environment, dedicated to the ageless martial arts disciplines of self control, physical fitness, and self-defense. Our classes will condition your body and give you new skills, plus teach you how defend yourself and your family from a real-life violent assault. And that knowledge will be yours for life.

Front Two-Hand Push Method of Attack Drill

Category of Attack: Pushes

Method of Attack: Front Two-Hand Push


Alternating Maces

Snaking Talon

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Within the category of attack Pushes, there are 7 two hand pushes, 5 of which are high, applied to the chest or shoulders.  This video features two of them: Alternating Maces and Snaking Talon.  The  drill will enhance your...

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Grab Sister Techniques: Delayed Sword & Conquering Shield

Formulation Tools: Adjusting, Inserting, & Altering

Sister Techniques are grouped together with their related moves and Master Key Moves. Sister Techniques come in groups of two or three, and are related because they share the same /similar sequence an/or combination of moves, adapted to a variety of predicaments for each technique, and are within...

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Pushes: First Directive and Drills

Category of Attack


Within American Kenpo Karate's category of attack, "Pushes,"  front pushes can be applied in several ways: two-hand shoulders, two hand chest, one-hand direct, one-hand cross. The intent can be to push you off balance or to push you to the ground.  The first directive to any push in which...

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Congratulations American Kenpo Karate Kids and Advanced Kids

Advanced Kids

Kenpo Kids


Watch a Kids Karate Class!

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Our Kids Karate program has two levels of martial arts classes: beginning and advanced. Beginning levels emphasize the physical attributes of agility, strength, and stamina, all while...

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