American Kenpo Karate Mission blog-post

Martial Arts Style: American Kenpo Karate

What is American Kenpo Karate?

Originating from China and then Japan, “Ken” means fist and “Po” means law.  There is no doubt that Kenpo Karate is about real-life street self-defense and punches are important. Our School teaches Senior Grandmaster Ed Parker’s style of American Kenpo, which is best described as scientific street fighting.

5 Well-Known Concepts and Principles of Kenpo include:

  • Marriage of Gravity—leveraging body weight to increase impact to increase striking force.
  • Economy of Motion—choosing the most efficient target, weapon, and angle of attack for the situation.
  • Point of Origin—moving any natural weapon from it’s starting position, rather than cocking it back so as to avoid telegraphing your intent.
  • Every block is a strike and every strike is a block.
  • Kick Low—high kicks take longer and expose the groin. Low kicks attack the opponent’s foundation causing them to buckle or lose balance.

American Kenpo Karate is an eclectic art that teaches self-defense and offense involving punches, kicks, chokes, hugs, grabs and pushes. It is practical and you can use it immediately in everyday life.

Check out this Video of Master Rick Jeffcoat demonstrating the Concepts and Principles of Kenpo Karate Sister Techniques Twin Kimono and Lone Kimono.