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Our goal is to provide fun, safe and positive martial arts training for students from 4 years to adult. We offer a family-oriented, friendly environment, dedicated to the ageless martial arts disciplines of self control, physical fitness, and self-defense. Our classes will condition your body and give you new skills, plus teach you how defend yourself and your family from a real-life violent assault. And that knowledge will be yours for life.

Shield & Mace with Extension

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  1. SHIELD AND MACE (right front step through punch)

    1. With feet together, move forward and to your left with your left foot to 11 o'clock in to a left neutral bow as you immediately pivot to your right into a horse  and deliver a right vertical outward block outside of opponent's right...
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Retreating Pendulum with Extension

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RETREATING PENDULUM (front right thrusting heel kick)

  1. While in a right neutral bow, drop back with your right foot into a left front twist stance. simultaneously deliver a right outside downward block to opponent's kicking leg and check with your left hand by your right shoulder.
  2. Immediately deliver a right knife·edge kick...
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Girl Scout Self Defense Fun!

This month American Kenpo Karate hosted a Girl Scout Troupe as they earned their Self Defense Badge! They learned five techniques to help keep them safe and strong. Go Girl Scouts!

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American Kenpo Karate has been voted Best Martial Arts in...

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