Destructive Twins and Entangled Wing – Karate Classes Serving South Pasadena, San Marino and Pasadena

Our studio offers American Kenpo Karate classes to South Pasadena, Pasadena, and San Marino communities.  In the video explanation below, Master Rick Jeffcoat demonstrates a Sister Endings to techniques, Destructive Twins and Entangled Wing.

ENTANGLED WING – Ending (Front Arm Lock)

  1. After your right back elbow strike to opponent’s midsection or right ribcage, and with your left hand in guard position, as you step back to 1 o’clock to a right reverse bow stance to buckle opponent’s left leg, execute a back knuckle with your right hand (your forearm is vertical at this point and your left hand is grabbing his left wrist).
  2. Hook your right hand around and behind the left side of his neck. Pull his bead forward and down into a right knee to his face, plant your right foot down in place and deliver a left knee kick (torqueing toward 11 o’clock) to opponent’s face.
  3.  Plant your left foot down in lace and again shoot your right foot back along the same 1 o’clock path to buckle his left foot further as you force his head down to the ground, while still maintaining control of his left arm then execute a right knee kick to the back of his left elbow to break it.
  4. Right front crossover and coverout twice to 4:30.

DESTRUCTIVE  TWINS – Ending   (Two Hand  Choke·-Pull  In)

  1. After your right punch to opponent’s ribcage, as you maintain your left grab, adjust into a position for a right rear hook kick to opponent’s groin. Plant your right foot back in a right reverse bow to buckle opponent’s left leg as you execute a right uppercut under his left elbow causing a break.
  2. Again, maintain your left grab to opponent’s left wrist as you reach your right hand under and around his neck to grab his head. Drag your left foot to your right foot and shoot your right foot back into a hard right reverse bow as you jerk down on his head to flip and throw opponent on his back with his feet pointing toward 7:00.
  3. Drop into a right dose kneel facing 9:00 as your left knee smashes his left collar bone or neck.
  4. Stand up and step over his head with your left foot into a left twist stance toward 9:00 and pivot counter clockwise and execute a right ball kick to the groin.
  5. Immediately drop down with your right knee to his solar plexus as you simultaneously  execute a right  half  fist to his throat.
  6. Spring up from his body as you execute a right  shovel kick through his face followed by a right stomp to his face. From the stomp kick plant your right foot off and above his head and hop forward on your right foot executing a left back kick to the head as you plant your right foot.
  7.  Your left foot plants toward 9:00, to the right of opponent’s head in a left front twist stance.  Unwind and sweep with your right foot across opponent’s face counter clockwise, toward 10:30, plant and execute a left rear stomp kick to the right side of opponent’s neck.
  8. Front crossover and cover out twice.

Our classes offer Karate Classes to South Pasadena, San Marino and Pasadena Communities.  We serve students all over Los Angeles and the San Gabriel Valley.  Come to American Kenpo Karate, where you will receive the training of a lifetime from some of the most renown Martial Artists in the world.