Karate Schools near Eagle Rock

Karate Schools near Eagle Rock

Eagle Rock, California is near some of the best Karate Schools in the nation.  Eagle Rock is named after a large boulder whose shadow looks like an eagle with outstretched wings. Located between the cities of Glendale and Pasadena, Eagle Rock has access to Pasadena’s incredible martial arts tradition. 

American Kenpo Karate is a full-service school, just minutes from Eagle Rock, California.  Additionally, our very own Dr. Mary Christianakis also teaches self-defense seminars at Occidental College, located at the heart of Eagle Rock.  American Kenpo Karate offers martial arts and karate classes to adults, teens, and children.  In addition, we offer semi-private and private karate lessons, as well as adaptive lessons to those with special needs.

As one of the only local karate schools that has been in business for over 24 years, we can offer our students the peace of mind that we will be able to see them through their karate journey whether that involves self-defense strategies or eventually getting a Black Belt:

  1. Our lead instructors are high-ranking Blackbelts who have competed in international competitions. The owner/operator, Master Rick Jeffcoat is an award-winning, world renown 8th degree Blackbelt.
  2. American Kenpo karate in Pasadena has produced some of the most skilled martial artists in the world!  The school has produced over 3 dozen Black Belts and several school owners throughout the country.
  3. American Kenpo Karate is a gender-inclusive environment.  We welcome and encourage the advancement of women.  We also have women role models as practitioners. The female instructors at this school teach at all levels and demonstrate that women are welcome and encouraged in this karate school.
  4. Our friendly community means that we offer classes to all people at all levels.  It is our belief that self-defense is for everyone!

Once you try American Kenpo Karate, you will fall in love with the art.  We have students who have been studying at our studio since it opened 24 years ago. Longevity and consistency is a testament to the quality of any karate school.  Once you join our Kenpo community you will be hooked. So, if you are interested in Karate Schools near Eagle Rock, California, check out our free week.  2020 is the year to kick off your karate training!

Check out this demonstration of what to do if someone grabs you from the front!